How To Cope With the Post-Pandemic Exhaustion You’re Feeling?


After about 15 months of COVID-19 disrupting our social, financial, mental and physical lives, the major chunk of the population is feeling exhausted. People have had to deal with multiple upheavals since the pandemic and it is finally starting to take a toll on many of us. 

 While some have bottled up their feelings deep down, some have been extremely vocal about the kind of stress they are going through. 

Because offices and various places are re-opening due to the majority of the people being vaccinated, there is hope to return to our pre-pandemic lives. New strains of COVID-19 like the Delta and Alpha variant are still ever-present and this again puts us in an uncertain place. 

After going through so much physical and psychological trauma, will we be able to go back to the previous normal ever? According to medical experts, the immense burden and exhaustion you’re feeling will be short-lived. 

Ways to Cope with Post-Pandemic Exhaustion:

There are several effective ways to cope with the post-pandemic exhaustion we all are going through. 

The most important exercise of all is to be active. Due to the COVID-19 induced lockdowns, we all have become used to a sedentary lifestyle which is not healthy. 

Most of the population have become used to being glued to screens. This habit alone has caused multiple problems like eye defects, burnout and headache. Therefore, indulging in at least one physical activity in a day is necessary to feel active and healthy. 

Due to the pandemic, many people have become used to ordering food online. Unhealthy eating patterns can disrupt your entire routine and body without you realising it. Therefore, consuming nutritious food rich in proteins and vitamins is absolutely necessary for your health. 

Having a balanced diet helps in improving blood flow and helps you in being proactive throughout the day. 

Another crucial factor that people tend to miss is hydration. Do not underestimate the power of water. Staying hydrated is absolutely necessary to keep our bodies performing their best. Being dehydrated can impair vital organ functions and your mind’s ability. 

We all know that working from home, studying online and connecting online has resulted in fewer sleep hours. Prioritizing rest is as important as having a balanced diet. Even during the day, having a 15-30 minutes nap between works is necessary to feel rejuvenated. You should also try to reduce caffeine, alcohol and sugar consumption. 

Last but not the least, talking about your problems with your close ones or seeking help in case if you are feeling extremely distressed is important. There are particular days when one can feel too overwhelmed. So, instead of carrying the weight alone upon your shoulders, it is better to talk it out with people who will support you and help you navigate through your problems. 

According to research, the psychological impacts of COVID-19 have been observed in all age groups. Therefore, normalizing counselling and talking about mental health should be the way forward. 


Slowly but steadily we are easing out restrictions and stepping back into the world. Though everything may seem slightly intimidating, we will get used to it. 

By taking care of your physical and mental health, conquering all feelings of uncertainty and exhaustion will become relatively easy. 

According to many health experts, adjusting to the new normal will take time and the feeling of anxiousness or exhaustion will linger around for quite a long time. But, instilling simple habits like having proper nutritious meals, staying hydrated, having proper seven to eight hours of sleep, etc. can help you in staying positive and being productive. 

By being connected with your friends and family, the feeling of social anxiety and loneliness will start fading away.

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