India’s 1st & Biggest New Normal Event, “ArdorComm-Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2021”, 30th Sep & 1st Oct, Gurugram

-By Chandan Anand, Founding Editor, ArdorComm Media


In these unprecedented times, the education sector of India has gone through massive upheavals. Despite challenges, the Indian education community has emerged stronger than ever. 

To ensure the continuity of education, educators and academicians from higher, school and pre-school education, experts from EdTech companies & startups, adapted to innovations within a short period. Even in adversity, the beam of education and knowledge continues to shine. 

ArdorComm Media, a growing media organization strongly believes in recognizing the efforts of pioneer educators from pan India. Therefore, we welcome you to join us for India’s 1st & Biggest ‘New Normal’ event, ArdorComm-Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2021 on 30th Sep & 1st Oct at Gurugram.

About the event:

The event will witness the convergence of education leaders and innovators from various institutions, schools, organizations, universities, EdTech & startups. 

Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2021, #ELSA2021 is a forum to propel discussions on ‘Empowering the Education Community for Socio-Digital Transformation’ in this VUCA world.

Under the umbrella of innovators, educators and growth stakeholders, the event attendees will witness panel and roundtable discussions on the propagation of education with technology and innovation as the central pillars. 

The pandemic invoked the spirit for socio-digital transformation in educators and innovators to ensure that children in India continue to shine bright with knowledge and wisdom. 

The two-day congregation of the Indian Education Community from pan Indiawill set an example in front of the whole world. The summit will bring excellent educators and innovators to the pedestal by awarding them in various categories. 

We are all set to award leading innovators and educators in different segments like:

For the betterment of the Indian education system, the Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2021 will hold discussions on various topics that will embark people on a journey to create futuristic education that enables students of all ages to learn according to their pace and interests. 

The teaching-learning scenario in India has already come a long way. Modern-day educators lay more emphasis on research and development, project-based learning and overall professional growth to enable students to be prepared for the challenges in Industry 4.0 and so forth. 

Edtech is dominating the Indian education sector. The pandemic provided an upward thrust to the edtech sector in India. We are now witnessing the use of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and much more. 

With technology and data being with educators every step of the way, students and educators are learning to be more independent and innovative. The concepts of immersive and self-paced learning are emerging in India. 

Hence, the Education Leadership Summit 2021 is a way to bring all innovators and educators under one roof to bring forth strategies, challenges and solutions to lead the wave of change in the present education scenario. 

It is our responsibility to fuel the growth in preschool, school and higher education in India. This Education Summitwill celebrate technological educators and innovators to make their work known amongst their peers. This event will help them to collaborate or partner with other educators or innovators to pave the way for futuristic education with socio-digital transformation. 

Education Leadership Summit 2021 will hold discussions on:

Day 1- Higher Education-

  • Digital Citizenship: Empowering Students to Focus on Opportunities of the Digital World
  • Technology Aiding Active Professional Learning, Research & Development
  • The Immersive Classroom: Customize Learning Experiences with AR/VR & New Age Technology
  • The Rise of Socio-emotional Learning And Cultural Competence

Day 2- School Education-

  • Unleashing The Potential of Education 4.0; the future of Teaching & Learning
  • Technology: A Facilitator for Independent Learning & Computational Thinking
  • Sports In Virtual Classroom: The Era of E-sports, Gaming & Mixed Reality
  • Is Technology The Practical Solution To Project-Based Learning?

The abovementioned topics are still unexplored territories for a large number of Indian educators and innovators. Therefore, numerous discussions with government dignitaries, school educators and leaders, edtech corporates and startups, etc will help shine a light on these topics to get the ground running for socio-digital transformation in education. 

With eminent speakers, the ‘New Normal’ two-day event will provide ground-breaking insights to transform the Indian education sector. 

The event will start on 30th September 2021 and will end on 1st October 2021. ArdorCommEducation Leadership Summit & Awards 2021 (#ELSA2010) will be organized near the country’s capital city in Gurugram. 

The event will inspire the education community to co-create, co-learn and collaborate to leverage the potential of technology in Education 4.0. 

Education Leadership Awards 2021 also welcomes nominations in various categories like higher education, school education, preschool education, EdTech & startup awards. 

With 100+ schools, 100+ higher education, 10+ government dignitaries, 25+ corporate, 25+ EdTech companies and 80+ speakers, the summit will provide networking opportunities to propel the exchange of ideas, collaborations and partnerships. 

If you wish to become a trailblazer in the education community, Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2021 is the right destination. With a wide range of topics and 10+ sessions with eminent speakers, the event is sure to empower the education community of India. 

The students will no longer have to wait for educators to leverage technology step-by-step in a long period. The event plans to accelerate the implementation of path-breaking new technologies for benefits in various educational fields, including co-curricular activities like sports. 

We stand tall with the education community and wish to execute innovation hand-in-hand with the respective stakeholders. 

Our event will unfold the latest trends in the education and technology sector. Higher-ups in the education sectors like Chancellors, Trustees, Vice Chancellors, CEOs, MDs, Directors, Principals and government dignitaries can get together to express their views to empower students to make judicious use of technology in education. 

The Education Summit, (#ELSA2021) will focus on preparing the students for the global world. We believe in bringing a paradigm shift in education by initiating discussions on important topics like cultural competence, computational and independent thinking. The event will discover new ways to leverage new-age technologies like AI, ML, AR and VR to create an immersive classroom for students in India. We will also bring forth the discussion on the continuity of sports and gaming in digital classrooms to encourage students to take up sports. 

Join the Education Summit to be a part of a community that cares deeply about imparting education. Witness the change taking place when India’s top educators, innovators and dignitaries come together to share their best practices and views. 

Let’s vow to be the game-changers in the education community in 2021. Inviting you to participate & witness India’s 1st & Biggest New Normal Event, ArdorComm– Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2021.

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