Engaging Communites

Education, HR, Healthcare & Wellness, Governance, Media & Entertainment.

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ArdorComm Education is a community in academia having a significant reach to over 51,000 stakeholders. We are e-connected with decision-makers, experts & influencers at Pre-Schools etc.

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ArdorComm Governance Community anchors on empowering formal institutions and their processes with the idea of Innovation & socio-digital media adoption that will help create a transformational impact on public life & civil society.

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ArdorComm Healthcare community is empowering over 20,000 doctors, healthcare marketers, healthcare professionals & service providers for socio-digital media adaptability for growth and outreach.

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ArdorComm Media, Entertainment & Art (MEA) community aims to build a strong network of professionals & experts to Co-create, Co-learn and Collaborate for Innovation. Thus, impacting decisions and creating opportunities for community voices.

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ArdorComm Human Resource (HR) is a community connecting over 24,000 HR leaders, professionals with industry for knowledge sharing and collaborations that can be used by an organization.