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Dr. Shrihari Prakash Honwad

Sir Padmavat Singhania University

Education is Mankind’s endeavour to survive, navigate, progress and create future leadership as one generation passes on the baton to next and as a result it involves not just picking up knowledge, skills but also a value system which would be essential for leaders of future generations to create a sustainable development for the world. In the modern world, the new knowledge is multiplying at a lightening speed and a continuous redundancy of older knowledge and skills is also seen simultaneously. Sir Padampat Singhania University (SPSU) strives very hard to keep itself at the cutting edge of knowledge and technological skills in an environment where universal values are upheld in every aspect of our working.

Industry 4.0 or cyber physical revolution would take us like a storm and needs to be combated with Education 4.0, which is out come based, flexible, student focussed, relevant and multidisciplinary and multifaceted to be delivered in an multicultural environment. We profess a transparent system and ensure students become capable of handling uncertain future. We have an environment of knowledge creation and dissemination and a culture of citizenry that nurture our students with most appropriate values. Generation Alpha, as the current teenagers are called are a different brand with varied experiences in terms of technology and freedom. Their options of learning and assimilation are different and unrestricted by either geography or time and SPSU is ready to cater to different needs with its investments in educational software and technology, its collaborations with universities of the world.

Our placement record is impeccable and speaks of good industry network. However, an era of industry ready employment seeking graduates with hands on skills is slowly being replaced by entrepreneurs who are employment creators. Our collaborations with MSME and other industries gives our budding entrepreneurs a fertile environment to grow. Our entrepreneur Alumni are our great strength and have been supporting the students. Our multidisciplinary learning environment will create leaders of tomorrow. Post Covid19, calls for hygiene and socially safe campus environment, which we can adequately provide for our students. The work from home culture is also leading to a GIG economy, for which teamwork and multicultural understanding are very important skills. SPSU has created an ecosystem that infuses these in our students.

The website should give you precisely everything you are looking for and I am sure you will want to join SPSU and be a part of innovating and competitive family which cares for everyone while catering to everyones’ needs.