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Prof. Rajiv Mishra


Sir J J College Of Architecture

Rajiv R. Mishra is an Architect & Urban Planner based in Mumbai. Since 2008, He has been appointed as Principal of Sir J. J. College of Architecture at University of Mumbai. Additionally, since 2015 he has been appointed by the State Government as Director at Directorate of Art – Government of Maharashtra. He has taught for 27 years and has been involved in conducting seminars and workshops on subjects of Architecture Design, City Planning, History and Theory of Architecture as well as on development of Urban Management at Sir JJ college of Architecture. His Special Interests are issues dealing with Sustainable Urbanism, Community Architecture, Heritage Conservation, and Technology in Building Management, Classical Arts and Education of Architects and Planners in a changing society. He has been exploring this field extensively through various research studies trying to bridge the gap between Education and Practice. Mr. Mishra was appointed as Chairman- All India Board for Architecture Education by AICTE Term 2010-13 and Term 2013-16, Chairperson – NBA evaluative committee for Architecture Education 2011-13 Elected Executive Committee Member at Council of Architecture (Term 2012-2015).