ArdorComm Healthcare Community
presents a Webinar on
‘Digital Health: A Vision of Modern India’
28th Oct 2021

ArdorComm Healthcare Community presents a Webinar on ‘Digital Health: A Vision of Modern India’ 28th Oct 2021

Join this webinar to witness the revolution in Digital Health in the Indian Healthcare system.


Brief: From ignorance to basic hygiene to sanitizing our hands daily, all Indians have come a long way! A few years back, digital health practices, techniques and devices seemed too futuristic for our widespread healthcare system. However, the devastating COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the speed of innovations, research and discoveries.

Adding to the future vision of democratized distribution of digital health, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission on September 27, 2021. The scheme aims to maintain digitized health records of the citizens through mobile applications. In addition, multiple health-tech companies are emerging as a critical component of the modern-day healthcare system.

The event aims to propel discussions on digital technologies and practices in present-day healthcare to develop and support an integrated digital health infrastructure.

Key Discussion Points

  • How can we propel modern and traditional systems of medicine in India with the help of technology?
  • How will technology and awareness boost preventive healthcare?
  • How can leveraging health-tech platforms along with medical practitioners facilitate affordable and accessible treatment?
  • Will it be possible to leverage remote patient monitoring in critical cases?
  • How can AI and data analytics streamline treatment, patient records and research?

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Government Dignitaries | Medical Associations & NGOs | Doctors | Healthcare Sales & Marketers | Pharmaceuticals | Hospital administrators | Wellness Service Providers | HealthTech Companies | Medical Students | Academic Institutions

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