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Dr. Anupam Karmakar

Dr. Anupam Karmakar is multifaceted hospital management professional. Visionary in the field of “Healthcare
Delivery Systems”. He has a goal-oriented and focused approach to ensure smooth alignment of hospitals operations
and technology initiatives with business objectives and “Strategic Goals”.
His experience spans from operations at the grass-root level in Healthcare Management
distribution to managing new systems and strategies – includes Healthcare Operations,
Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Bench-marking, TQM, Change Management,
Business Process Re-engineering, and Program Management in Healthcare Domain.
He has expertise in operations management, planning, design, development, implementation and
SLA’s of Healthcare Information Systems. Expertise in the Domain of Medical Device Integration, Patient Monitoring, and Management Information Systems.
Establishing appropriate operational structure to ensure timely decision-making and issue
resolution helping to establish the framework for proper communication, reporting,
procedures, and administrative activity.
Dr. Karmakar has been actively participating in the continuous development of redefining strategies, refinement
of methodology, project work plans, assets, outcomes, and best practice recommendations
to support work in the field providing guidance and counsel to the Project Team leading
transformation and implementation initiatives.
He has a strong business perspective in Healthcare Delivery, “Clinical Transformation” and
adoption including excellent technology adoption and process optimization to transform
organizational business, improve efficiency and drive innovations for better outcomes.
Specialties include Healthcare Operations + Administration, Quality, Planning, cost
control, design, documentation, government – liasoning, performance analysis, policy
analysis, pricing, progress, promotional materials, quality control, re-engineering, 6 sigma
implementation, research, strategic planning, teaching & training programs.