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Mr. Taariq Shaikh

Tariq R. Shaikh has been involved in profession of Healthcare Research and Management since 10 Plus years working in the social and corporate domains.
He has seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to managing people of various schools of thoughts. He has a clear idea of what approaches have a chance of success and those doomed to failure!
Tariq has been a Pharma Research Scholar, a Serial Entrepreneur and Professional Counselor. Presently he is active Health Care Management Professional and socially prefers the relative calm of helping others to manage emotions.
Tariq is associated with three International Organizations.

  • CEO, Goldcity Hospital, Jalgaon. (First dedicated Covid Hospital of Jalgaon District )
  • Author- India In Tolerance
  • Associated with Iqra Education Society, Jalgaon Maharashtra as Executive Committee Member. This education empire has more than 4000 students from Nursery to PG Level.
  • Rotary International via Rotary Club. He is Hon. Secretary – Rotary Club of Jalgaon Midtown for the year 2021-22.
  • The Human Library™ as Founder- North Maharashtra Chapter. Its aims are to bring different social and ethical groups of society together, to challenge (and overcome) prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination in society and to learn, educate, and change attitudes.
  • International Men’s Day Foundation as Co-coordinator for India. Its aim is to raise awareness to men’s mental and physical health, promotes positive masculinity, and support ethical male role models.
    Tariq is specializing in individual, team and organizational development. He facilitates organizational learning and performance enhancement through variety of personal, interpersonal and systemic interventions.
    Tariq is also a speaker, interested in imparting knowledge covering Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Personal Development, Organization Transformation and Psychological issues.