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Abhay G. Chebbi, Pro Chancellor, Alliance University, Highlights Significance of Skill Development and Technology Integration in Education

“We must create an environment that fosters skill absorption and includes innovative assessments that cannot be manipulated,” says Abhay G. Chebbi, Pro Chancellor, Alliance University, in an interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSABengaluru #ELSAKarnataka

How are you feeling to witness this New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Awards in Bengaluru?

I think this is a much-called-for event, and many such events must happen in today’s day and age, especially in Bangalore. Calling it the “new normal” in Bangalore may not be entirely accurate, as Bangalore is in the lap of Silicon Valley in the East. Increasingly, technological developments are happening here, with tech and fintech firms and great educational institutions in the K12 and higher education sectors. The adoption of technology and the harmonious marriage of physical and digital is very apparent in Bangalore, making it an example for creative initiatives by schools, universities, and colleges in the educational ecosystem. So, this event is much called for, and I’m eager to listen to the other panellists.

Could you highlight some initiatives that you are taking under your leadership at your university?

At Alliance University we have begun this marriage between physical and digital much before and of course came the advent of covid 19, the pandemic in a way forced every stakeholder to sort of adopt into this environment more rapidly having said that use of technology is not new to our university. Just to give you an example quoting covid for example, we were recognized globally as one of the most engaging universities in collaboration with a leading online skill-based course provider. We competed with international universities and set this as a new normal. Our ecosystem, from student registration to classes and collaboration, heavily involves technology.

What’s your take on skill development for students?

In today’s world, skilling and upskilling are constant needs. Skills come in various forms, from domain-specific skills to interpersonal and industry-specific skills. Students learn skills at their own pace, anywhere, and at any time. However, we must create an environment that fosters skill absorption and includes innovative assessments that cannot be manipulated. Skills are evolving rapidly, and students must adapt to this constant change.

In forums like this, where education leaders, EdTech players, and government representatives come together, how do these forums benefit the education sector at large?

These forums serve as platforms for ideation, bringing together thought leaders from government, industry, and enablers. They also attract students who can benefit from these discussions. These forums allow for engaging, pertinent discussions, highlighting challenges and opportunities. Collaboration and networking are key outcomes of such events.

ArdorComm Media Group has recently completed 2 years of its existence, any wishes or message for us?

I wish that more such companies come, I wish for your company to grow many folds because this is an area where collaborators have to play a very important role and these bridges that are created need to be fostered so all the best.

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