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After amid fluid Afghan situation parties back government

-By ArdorComm News Network

Unison of the whole parties backing the government was seen in the parliament, for government’s efforts to evacuate the Indians who are stranded in Afghanistan, and also for ensuring the safety of those who are waiting to get back to their homeland soon. This was witnessed at a meeting convened to brief them on the ongoing issue of the Indians stranded in Afghanistan. As the situation seems fluidafter the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan and yet the roles of Afghan leaders and groups aren’t clear. India has opted for the “wait and watch’ position until the new dispensation of leadership takes place in Afghanistan.

The foreign minister S Jaishankar stated the meeting of floor leaders of all political parties with an opening remark in the parliament on the Afghan situation. He stated that ap[propriate steps are being taken to bring back Indians as well as those interested in coming to India, and the road ahead. Following which foreign secretary Harsh V Shringla gave a detailed presentation on the matter.


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