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Amit Shah
Amit Shah

Amit Shah, Founder, Offee explains how they are revolutionizing the examination process with their tech solution

“As a society the output of an education will be outcome based and the students will be really skilled, which the industries are today looking to,” says Amit Shah, Founder, Offee in an interview with Chandan Anand, CEO & Group Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’ #ELSAJaipur #ELSARajasthan

Would like to know more about Offee?

So, typically what we do is we enable any colleges to conduct their academics exam digitally but without internet or lab setup at all. So, student can just sit in the classroom open up his mobile, switch his phone to airplane mode connect to our patented technology that is our IOT device and start taking the exams. So, as an Institute you don’t need to invest into lab setup, you don’t need to invest into internet etc at all, tens and thousands of students can sit inside the university and then give their exams. So, this is something that we have recently innovated, the reason to do this is that once this colleges start taking their exams digitally, college will start sitting on data points with the help of this data point and student behaviour they can help students to say that hey you got 60 percent that is okay but you have this skills which are lacking and this is skill in which you’re brilliant, why don’t you improve that. So, colleges can reduce a lot of time in say conducting an exam digitally, teachers can reduce a lot of time in making the entire work reducing the admin work and overall. As a society the output of an education will be outcome based and the students will be really skilled which the industries are today looking to, so that is something that we do.

Is it like conducting the examination, assessment and the results through Offee in offline mode?

Yes, so we help colleges to build their paper for program outcomes, course outcome everything then we help colleges to conduct these exams which are academic exams, unit tests and semester exams including overall everything then we process the result, we give them a report card and we also give them a skill scorecard which speaks about every student and their behaviour around it.

When we see that so many players are there into different LMS, ERP and so much of EdTech things coming in, how did this idea come to your mind what inspired you to do is something different from the league?

We see that majority of the EdTech start-ups in India are into B2C space which we feel is that in my personal opinion, classroom teaching can never go out it can be a blended model yes but classroom as a solution or university as an institute can never go out but what if we enable these teachers inside the classroom and build technologies for them. So, that is what we are different we are building technologies for teachers inside the classroom so they can increase their engagement, they can reduce their admin work and they can really deliver quality and outcome-based education.

You have been working in which segments in the education?

So, in education we work with higher education, in schools both. Similarly, we work with government departments to do competitive recruitment exams where today to do any competitive exams you require a computer-based system, so CBD is not available everywhere so our solutions enable any government departments to take their recruitment or entrance test at remote level. So, the setup goes to the people and not the people come to the setup.

What has been a take away from these two days of the symposium and the event?

For me this is the first event I visited after pandemic, I mean event specifically into EdTech. This is much needed, I really appreciate the entire ArdorComm team, making people and Vice Chancellors come together it’s a huge task, I can relate with it we are in this segment. So, the efforts that you guys have put in to make people come together and it was very much needed after pandemic because last two years got them confused a lot like what to do, what not to do, what tech to bring in, what tech not to bring in, how will teachers cope up. In this seminar I feel the energy that these guys have come up together, they are so happy about inculcating EdTech into their domains and this is only possible with this medium. I will personally thank you and even Ashish ji to organize this and I will say keep rocking and keep doing this again and again.

At last any message or any advice for ArdorComm Media Group?

What you are doing is really great, keep doing it so that we can together be a part of this for a long time.


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