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Amit Shah Prioritizes Rupee Trade as Top Agenda for New Government

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Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India, has emphasized the significance of trade conducted in the Indian rupee, calling it a top priority for the new government. The move to facilitate trade in the national currency has reached its final stages of negotiation with several countries, although matters have been temporarily suspended due to ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Shah highlighted the potential of rupee trade as a significant step forward, citing the country’s robust fundamentals and the relative stability of the Indian currency against most international counterparts. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that many countries are showing interest in establishing trade relations based on rupee transactions.

Following the Reserve Bank of India’s July 2022 circular permitting invoicing, payment, and settlement of trade in Indian rupees, rupee invoicing has gained traction. India has already initiated rupee trade with neighboring countries like Nepal and Bhutan, while efforts are underway to facilitate trade in the national currency with Russia and Sri Lanka.

The transition to rupee invoicing is expected to bring various benefits, including lower transaction costs, enhanced price transparency, faster settlement times, and reduced hedging expenses. Additionally, it is anticipated to contribute to the internationalization of the rupee and alleviate the burden of holding foreign reserves by the RBI.

Sitharaman emphasized India’s stable economic fundamentals, transparent taxation policies, and robust systems, which have bolstered investor confidence and positioned India as an attractive destination for trade and investment. With a growing middle class and a sizable market, India’s economic prospects appear promising, garnering attention and engagement from global partners.

Overall, the prioritization of rupee trade underscores the government’s commitment to leveraging India’s economic strengths and fostering stronger trade ties on both regional and international fronts.

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