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Anita Gupta, Principal, Raman Munjal Vidya Mandir, Gurugram, shares her views on Implementing Technology in Education

 “Technology is going to stay forever, we all know that. So, no school or no education sector or nobody can be away from it,” says Anita Gupta, Principal, Raman Munjal Vidya Mandir, Gurugram, in an Interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSANewDelhi #ELSAGurugram

How are you feeling to witness the New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Award?

First of all, I would like to thank ArdorComm for organizing such a wonderful, enriching conference, and which is actually experiential learning. Because it’s just not we are talking about general things or theoretical things, we are having in-depth enriching sessions, talking about the practicality of whatever the concepts have been introduced through NEP or NCF and the use of technology. So, it’s the amalgamation of innovation, technology, skill, and whatever can be adapted in the school curriculum.

How are you implementing technology in your school?

Technology is going to stay forever, we all know that. So, no school or no education sector or nobody can be away from it. So, when it comes to my school, we are lucky enough because computer education and all, it was started almost two decades before, so we were already aware of it. But when suddenly, this pandemic had struck, so we were easy to make our teachers understand and our students also how to go about with the online classes. So, then we made it a part and parcel in the daily teaching also. Because before the pandemic, we even introduced the Smart Board concept in our classes and every classroom has got. So, they were already aware that technology is there to stay. We were already aware, students knew, parents also knew, we were teaching teachers to have the curriculum. So, in that way, we didn’t face the problems. And now also, we are able to. So, we have the technological problems, of course, because when it comes to, like, net issues are there or how to make it stop at what level, so these things are there. But otherwise, technology definitely is a great tool, not just in terms of its, physical presence, but also the soft content it has got. The only thing is we have to make our students and the whole environment understand that this is how you are going to make use of it. So, when we know how to use it, when we are enabled, then we can make use of it. And that’s what we are going, we are doing it. Not only in the subject enrichment activities, but also otherwise also. Like if I say, it’s too easy to take these students to the virtual tour of any place and to connect them off with the experiences, feeling it, so lively seeing the things like what we talk about VR, AI, and all these kinds of things, they can experience it themselves. So that’s how we are making use of it. We have embedded it in our curriculum.

Any message for ArdorComm Media Group on its 2nd anniversary?

Yes, first of all, hearty congratulations on your completion of two successful years, and that too bringing so many educators together under the same roof, sharing such valuable inputs. So, I wish them good luck and looking forward to many new ideas like this concept of what we are talking about, improvement from here to there. So, I want this to be continued.

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