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Anita Gupta, Principal, Raman Munjal Vidya Mandir on the vision of school post pandemic

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On 20th it was announced and on 26th we were with full setup for giving education and getting connected with our students says Anita Gupta, Principal, Raman Munjal Vidya Mandir in an interview with Chandan Anand, Founding Editor, ArdorComm Media Group.

What does the word new normal stands for you?

Actually, the word new normal is nothing new, it is what you can say breathing differently in a setup where earlier we have forgotten about how life is with the family or with everyone. So now being in this pandemic situation it has shown us the life differently from different angles, being with the family members not within the same circumstances and premises but also actually going beyond. Beyond reaching to the parents of our students and understanding them and their understanding of ours in this setup. So, in that way I consider new normal is as the blessing in disguise. 

Under your leadership how your school is growing and what is the vision you are looking forward post pandemic?

I think we are already in post pandemic stage because when it came last year as a shock, so though it was only for a while you can say because on 20th it was announced and on 26th we were with full setup for giving education and getting connected with our students. For me and specially for our school the vision is getting connected with our students, with our stakeholders in such a manner which breaks all the barriers, i.e. logical, emotional, reasonable, and whatever help they need. So, we should be available to all of them and that is what we work into 24/7.

Any initiative which your school has taken in the teacher training aspects?

Yes, our management believes in skilling our teachers since the beginning of its setup in 1992. As it’s a rural development project so our students are from a setup, like from the cities and they are skilled, they are highly qualified and whatever is needed on day to day basis or whatever is coming up new, our management gives the training or appoints such kind of agencies which can train our teachers in the latest perspective. So, our teachers are getting the trainings from the private corporates or from CBSE and from whatever is possible. They enthusiastically do it and implement the same in the school.

How does such kind of event where we have the representation from the government and the private association of the schools and a knowledge sharing platform helps the academicians and the education fraternity?

It’s actually wonderful because unless and until we leave our own boundaries and we don’t connect with such kind of events then the gap cannot be bridged which is there into K-12 and the higher education system and the industries because each sector has to work together. It is after all the children, they are the leaders for the future, so we have to work together and for that these kinds of events are very important, bringing us together, sharing our vision and finding out that gaps and then brainstorming the different ideas to overcome whatever problems the schools are facing. 

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