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ArdorComm Education Leadership Symposium, #ELS2022

-By ArdorComm Media Bureau

The education sector is witnessing a major shift due to digitalization. In this modern world where we are living in, the concept of learning is gradually changing day by day. Amidst this faced paced transformation the answer to how technology and new-age learning is leading the next wave of value creation in overall education sector is the need of the hour. As one of the fastest growing media company in India, ArdorComm Media Group is here to explore the possibilities of innovation in education, to determine the trajectory of new age learning process with the help of planned financing solutions.

In order to propel necessary discussions between the major education stakeholders, ArdorComm Media in collaboration with FINANCEPEER is coming up with a 3 months’ education webinar series featured as ‘ArdorComm Education Leadership Symposium’ from February’22 to April’22. The deliberation aims to acknowledge that how technology and new-age learning is leading the next wave of value creation in overall education sector i.e. school, higher & technical education. Meaningful implementation of technology, innovation & financial assistance helps the teaching-learning process to be more affordable & accessible. It really aids in bridging the digital-gap. This gap is one of the most important factors that also determine the economy of the country.

Chandan Anand, CEO & Founding Editor of ArdorComm Media Group said, “This 3 months’ education webinar series will be covering important themes focussing on how to improve digital campuses in schools & higher education institutions with correct financial decision and digital investment planning.”

Due to the pandemic, the educational institutions had to adapt to the technology in order to create a digital infrastructure for seamlessly imparting education. Planned financing solutions & technology collaborations can play a vital role in developing a better digital infrastructure/ digital campus. Now, digital financing & investment planning especially in education sector is undergoing a profound transformation. How can this help the students and learners to get easier accessibility and affordability of education? How can the hybrid/blended learning change the student-teacher relationship? How can digital literacy be improved?

To discuss the multiple key questions that are clouding the minds of all stakeholders involved in the education sector, the ‘ArdorComm Education Leadership Symposium’ powered by FINANCEPEER will act as a host and a platform to discuss on these important aspects.

Themes of ArdorComm Education Leadership Symposium, #ELS2022:

28th Feb 2022: How can planned financing solutions and technology collaborations aid in developing a better digital infrastructure/ digital campus?

14th Mar 2022: How can skill development be enforced in educators with the help of technology to increase digital literacy?

30th Mar 2022: How can blended learning change the dynamics of the teacher-student relationship?

12th Apr 2022: How Innovation & financing partnerships will help reduce the urban-rural upheavals in education through easier financing?

26th Apr 2022: In what ways AI-ML and student centric technologies are enabling institutions to track, access and record the teaching-learning progress?

Participation from stakeholders:

  • Educators
  • Academicians
  • Founders
  • Trustees
  • Principals
  • HODs
  • Vice-Chancellors
  • Directors
  • Chancellors
  • CEOs
  • Teachers
  • Students


The virtual symposium is being held on the respective five dates as mentioned above. Join us at ‘ArdorComm Education Leadership Symposium’, #ELS2022 to know, how meaningful implementation of technology, innovation & financial assistance is making teaching-learning process more affordable & accessible.


Register for the event now! (Click here for the registration link)


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