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ArdorComm: ‘New Normal – Healthcare Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’. #HELSA2022

-By ArdorComm Bureau

The Healthcare sector has transformed a lot over the last few decades. India has made significant advancements in the way healthcare is delivered in the country. In terms of employment and revenue, it has been one of the largest sectors and is growing at a brisk pace. There are vast opportunities for investment in healthcare infrastructure in both urban and rural India. Government initiatives, policies & schemes are aiding to the future vision of democratized distribution of digital health and improving economic growth. COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the speed of innovations, research and discoveries. From ignorance to basic hygiene, all Indians have come a long way.

With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2020, it shook the foundation of the entire healthcare system across the country. The healthcare industry, along with the central and state governments, undertook a robust response plan to tackle the pandemic by setting up of dedicated COVID-19 hospitals, isolation centres and tech-enabled mapping of resources. In order to effectively manage the outbreak, the Indian government also leveraged technology and developed various applications both at the central and state-levels. It has again set for us a great example that how much importance is of the Healthcare system in the world.

The Healthcare, Wellness and AYUSH community is evolving each day with the technological advancements. There is a major transformation taking place in the Pharma industry for improving the medicine development and circulation. The adoption of e-health systems in taking place at large to provide medical facility beyond geographical boundaries. Huge strategic investments are being made in IoT, Big Data, AI to rediscover and rebuild India’s healthcare sector. The medical institutes across the country are focusing on R&D and clinical trials during and post pandemic.

To discuss these socio-digital transformation of the Healthcare industry, ArdorComm Media a growing media organisation in India is coming up with the much-awaited virtual symposium of the “New Normal – Healthcare Leadership Summit and Awards 2022.” It will act as a host and a platform where eminent personalities, thought leaders and Industry experts from the ‘Health & Wellness Community’ will e-meet to deliberate on next & best practices, innovations, investments, opportunities and roadblocks to the sector’s progress. ArdorComm – Healthcare Leadership Awards 2022 will recognise, felicitate & honour those individuals, hospitals & organisations those who have demonstrated a significant contribution to Healthcare, Wellness, AYUSH & HealthTech Industry.

Let us take you through the paramount event itinerary designed to evoke curiosity amongst the varied audiences.

Mr. Chandan Anand, CEO & Founding Editor of ArdorComm Media said, “The New Normal – Healthcare Leadership Summit & Awards 2022, will be held on 11th & 12th March 2022. The Summit’s theme will focus on ‘Empowering Healthcare Community with Socio-Digital Transformation: Strengthening Governance at Global, Regional & National Level’. The event will witness a congregation of leaders from the Ministry, Senior Government Officials, Medical Associations, Chairman, MDs & Trustees, Doctors, CIOs, CTOs, COOs, & CEOs, Hospital administrators, Technology Providers and Healthcare Consultants, Health innovators, Academicians and Medical Students.” About the ArdorComm Healthcare Leadership Awards 2022, He said that, ArdorComm Media would like to honor the trend setters, innovators, doctors, surgeons, physicians, dentist, veterinarians, hospitals,  companies, healthcare startups and medical colleges that have been providing excellence and outstanding accomplishment in the healthcare sector; despite the tough times we faced since two years.”

The Agenda & Key Discussion Points in the 2 days Virtual Symposium are as follows:

Key Discussion Points of Day 1 of the Event:

  • How has adoption of new-age technology redefined healthcare services
  • How to equip with e-health infrastructure to ease the adoption of medical treatment beyond geographical boundaries?
  • Re-defining strategic investments in IoT, Big Data, AI-ML to re-build India’s healthcare sector
  • Rediscovering the Pharma Industry with Digitalisation: Improving medicine development and patient care

Key Discussion Points of Day 2 of the Event:

  • Building the right healthcare infrastructure with customer demands
  • Re-defining healthcare technology & resources to help minimise the rural-urban divide
  • How to leverage clinical and non-clinical data to build a patient-centric approach?
  • How can wellness practices be associated with the right clinical results for widespread adoption?

Effectiveness of wellness programs on mental health.

  • Role of Medical Institutes in promoting e-Learning, R&D and clinic trails during & post pandemic.

The Key Highlights of the Event are:

Days – 2
Sessions – 10+
Speakers – 60+
Participating Doctors – 200+
Participation from Hospitals/ Clinics – 500+
Participating Government dignitaries – 10+
Corporate Participation – 25+
Startups Participation – 25+

‘New Normal – Healthcare Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’, #HELSA2022 awaits your response to collaborate with many more leading stakeholders from different Healthcare, Wellness and AYUSH community. Join ArdorComm ‘New Normal’ #HELSA2022 Virtual symposium.

Register for the event now!(Click here for the registration link)

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