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Balaji Telefilms focused on making investments in original content and create affordable subscription

Balaji Telefilms said the Covid-19 lockdown brought the world towards a new era of digitalization. This gave a supportive twist to the OTT platform as the main source of entertainment. Keeping the huge scope in mind, Balaji telefilms is all set to persuade and invest in the original content, with providing an affordable subscription rate.  While the company intends to invest in more original content, it also wishes to focus on delivering content serving various audience genres to ensure having something for all on the platter. 

While a success rate of release of movies has been witnessed on OTT. The OTT platforms are also aiming towards providing a space of performance for small-budget deep content releases.  The speed with which OTT platforms have got subscriptions by audiences is commendable. A new establishment of the entertainment industry has been witnessed. The OTT platforms are all set to revolutionize the ways of entertainment consumption habits for people. Thus, having a huge space to experiment with content and have something for all.


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