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‘Barbie’ Becomes Top-Grossing Film Directed by a Woman, Surpasses $1 Billion at the Box Office

Greta Gerwig’s directorial masterpiece, “Barbie,” has become a groundbreaking phenomenon, shattering records and crossing the remarkable $1 billion mark in global box office ticket sales. This achievement makes it the highest-grossing film ever directed by a woman. The fantasy-comedy movie collected an impressive $459 million from theaters in the United States and Canada, along with a staggering $572.1 million from overseas markets, totaling $1.0315 billion according to Warner Bros. Pictures.

Greta Gerwig herself made history as the first female filmmaker to individually reach this billion-dollar milestone. The film’s weekend performance was outstanding, adding $127 million worldwide, with $53 million domestically and $74 million internationally.

The movie’s success has left distribution chiefs astonished, surpassing even their most optimistic predictions. In the contemporary box office landscape, only 53 films have surpassed $1 billion in ticket sales, excluding inflation. “Barbie” now stands as the highest-grossing movie ever directed by a woman, outdoing “Wonder Woman” with its $821.8 million global total. While three co-directed films, including “Frozen” and “Frozen 2” by Jennifer Lee and “Captain Marvel” by Anna Boden, are still ahead in terms of total earnings, “Barbie” has secured the top spot in North America for live-action films directed by women, overtaking “Captain Marvel.”

The movie’s triumph marks a significant milestone for women in Hollywood, and Greta Gerwig joins an exclusive list of only five female directors who have achieved this extraordinary feat. Moreover, “Barbie” holds the distinction of being the first live-action comedy to cross the $1 billion mark.

The success of “Barbie” not only signifies the power of female directors but also highlights the enduring influence of the iconic Barbie brand. The film has tapped into both nostalgia for the Mattel doll and captivated a new generation of fans.

This achievement is undoubtedly a major win for Warner Bros. Pictures and is bound to leave a lasting impact on the film industry, showcasing the potential and appeal of female-led productions. “Barbie” is a groundbreaking cultural milestone, celebrating the strides made by women in the film world while reaffirming the enduring popularity of the beloved Barbie franchise.

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