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Bihar Cabinet Elevates Status of Contractual Teachers: ‘Exclusive Teachers’ Granted Government Employee Recognition

The Bihar cabinet, led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, has granted government employee status to approximately 3.5 lakh contractual teachers working in state-run schools. Termed as ‘exclusive teachers,’ these educators will need to successfully pass competency exams to maintain their newfound status as government employees. S Siddharth, the additional chief secretary (cabinet secretariat), highlighted the approval of this proposal by stating, “After being notified by the state government, these contractual teachers will be regarded as ‘exclusive teachers’ with the status of government employees.”

The decision, encapsulated in the ‘Bihar School Exclusive Teachers Rules, 2023,’ addresses a long-standing demand from contractual teachers for official recognition. The competency exams will serve as a measure to ensure the quality and capability of these educators, with each teacher given three chances to pass the examination.

The state government will determine the agency responsible for conducting the tests and decide on the consequences for those who do not meet the required standards. Notably, the salaries of these ‘exclusive teachers’ will remain unchanged until they successfully clear the competency exams. Subsequently, their pay structure will be revised in accordance with guidelines set by the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC).

Moreover, the cabinet’s decision includes provisions for the promotion of contractual teachers every eight years under the new rule. In addition to this education-focused development, the cabinet also approved a new ‘tourism policy,’ aiming to enhance tourism facilities and provide financial assistance for the promotion of hotels, restaurants, resorts, and the development of tourist facilities along highways and camping sites.

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