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Budget Session of Parliament will begin on January 31

-By ArdorComm News Network

The budget session of Parliament will begin on January 31, 2023. It will run till April 6. There will be a break from February 14 to March 12. “Amid Amrit Kaal, looking forward to discussions on Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address, Union Budget & other items,” tweeted Union Minister Pralhad Joshi while announcing the budget session dates.

The winter session of Parliament saw numerous adjournments and interruptions on a variety of concerns. Political experts believe that the budget session will be disrupted in the same way, particularly on subjects such as the impending recession, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, rising prices, and so on.

“During the Budget Session, 2023 the recess time is there to enable the department related Parliamentary Standing Committees to examine the Demands for Grants and make reports relating to their Ministries/ Departments,” added the Union Minister. There will be 27 sittings over the course of 66 days.

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