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Congress Scores

Congress Scores Landslide Victory in Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023, BJP Concedes Defeat

The BJP has “not been able to make a mark,” Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai conceded, as the Congress was winning or leading in 136 of the state’s 224 assembly seats, comfortably exceeding the magic number of 113. According to the most recent trends on the Election Commission website, the BJP is leading in 64. The JD-S, which hoped to be the kingmaker, was leading in 20 seats.

“Once the results come we will do a detailed analysis. As a national party, we will not only analyse but also see what deficiencies and gaps were left at various levels. We take this result in our stride,” stated Basavaraj Bommai.

Exit polls had indicated that it would be a close contest, with the Congress emerging as the single-largest party but lacking sufficient support to surpass the 113-seat mark.

According to the state’s chief election officer, Karnataka voted in a single phase and had 73.19 percent voter turnout.

One of the main causes of the right-wing party’s defeat in the Karnataka assembly election in 2023, according to CM Bommai, was that the Congress began its election preparation much earlier than the BJP.

“I take responsibility for this debacle. There are multiple reasons for this. We will find out all the reasons and strengthen the party once again for Parliament elections,” he told reporters.

A party must win 113 seats in the 224-seat Karnataka assembly in order to form the government. Who the Congress chooses as their candidate for chief minister will now be the center of attention. Both DK Shivakumar, President of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC), and senior leader Siddaramaiah are eyeing the position.

Rahul Gandhi of the Congress congratulated the people of Karnataka, where his party appears to have won a landslide win and would likely form the next government. At the Congress office in New Delhi, he said to the ecstatic party members that “the market of hate has been shut, and shops of love have opened.”

According to him, “the power of poor people” won in the elections in Karnataka. This will happen again in other states as well. He continued, assuring that the party will keep the five promises it made during the first cabinet meeting of its government. “The Congress has fought for the issues of the poor,” he said.


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