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Dehradun: District Magistrate Travels in City Bus To Take Stock Of Arrangement in the Smart City Bus Service

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Dehradun, Uttarakhand: Dehradun District Magistrate R Rajesh Kumar took stock of various bus service related arrangements while riding in a Smart City Limited bus from ISBT to Tehsil Chowk.
During the ride, he interacted with the public and received suggestions from them to improve the bus service and related arrangements. He instructed for an online ticket payment system using QR code and to make the announcement system more effective.
Kumar instructed the officers of Smart City Limited to arrange better first aid and masks so that people without masks could use them. He instructed to ensure adherence to COVID protocols in the bus.
He said that various public service schemes by the government should be communicated on screens on smart city buses.
He also directed to reserve some seats for women, specially-abled and senior citizens in the bus.
The District Magistrate sought suggestions from the passengers to make the bus services better. He was suggested to start bus services in other routes in the district.
He also saw the traffic signals installed by the Smart City at ISBT and Smart CCTV cameras installed for traffic control/security, which are being controlled from the Smart City Control Room located at IT Park.
He asked to make the electric buses run by Smart City double-decker and prepare an action plan to provide more smooth traffic to the commuters.
In view of the heavy vehicular traffic at ISBT, he asked to strengthen the traffic signals further so that the pedestrians are not inconvenienced in any way.

Source: The article has been published by ANI.

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