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Delhi: AAP Government To Begin Anti-dust Campaign From Today

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In a joint meeting on Wednesday held between the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) Engineers and Green Marshals and Delhi’s Environment Minister Gopal Rai, it was concluded with the decision of starting the anti-dust campaign from 7th October 2021.
The campaign initiated by the Delhi Government will start effectively from today and will continue till October 29.
In a recent move, Rai had launched the ‘Advanced Green War Room’ and ‘Green Delhi App’ for people in Delhi to send their complaints and concerns regarding 10 different kinds of pollution during the winter season.
Rai told India TV, “Last year the anti-dust campaign showed good results. This time it will be run in a more systematic manner. We had a meeting with all government construction agencies on September 14 and with private agencies on September 17. In the meeting, we discussed the 14-point agenda.”
This notice will be given on any irregularity because no explanation comes in two days, then a penalty will be imposed as per the National Green Tribunal (NGT) guidelines of 2016.
During the campaign, thirty-one teams consisting of 17 DPCC and 14 Green Marshals will go to the ground from today to monitor the areas with their respective vans.

Source: India Today.

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