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Delhi Government Announces Yamuna Cell for Cleaning of Yamuna River

Delhi: The rise in the level of toxicity in Yamuna has been the topic of discussion recently amongst the residents and the governance stakeholders in Delhi. On Thursday, Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the formation of a Yamuna Cleaning Cell (YCC) to monitor and expedite the inter-departmental discussions regarding the cleaning of the Yamuna River.

Kejriwal announced that the YCC will be headed by the chief executive officer of the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) and will have the representatives of all the necessary departments.

Kejriwal’s tweet said, “In order to expedite inter-departmental decision making and execution, we formed a Yamuna Cleaning Cell (YCC) today, headed by CEO, DJB and representatives of all concerned depts. This will expedite Yamuna cleaning process.”

Recently, during the last week, Kejriwal had announced six-point action plan to clean the heavily polluted Yamuna River in the city. According to his statement, the work will be completed by February 2025. The action plan includes:

  • New sewer treatment plants
  • Raising the capacity of the existing ones
  • Sewer connection of slum clusters
  • Rehabilitation of old sewer systems

Source: Business Standard

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