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Delhi traffic signals will soon display timers and speed limits

-By ArdorComm News Network

In order to facilitate and effectively manage traffic, Delhi’s traffic signals will soon have electronic signage displaying timers and speed limits. Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena has ordered officials to install these devices at all traffic crossroads throughout the city.

During a meeting to review city traffic management, Saxena gave these instructions and also ordered officials to strictly enforce lane discipline by heavy motor vehicles (HMVs). It stated that lane enforcement exercises were even more pertinent and crucial on routes where trucks were permitted late at night and early in the morning.

In addition to ensuring fewer inconveniences for travellers and preventing corruption, he emphasised that minimum manual enforcement interventions will also help to reduce traffic congestion at locations where commuters are randomly stopped for inspection and challan issuance.

The L-G vowed to take action to have the ideas for road engineering settled as soon as possible with the city’s numerous roads owning agencies, including PWD, MCD, and NDMC, among others. Additionally, he emphasised the significance of a citywide traffic flow that requires little in the way of human enforcement or challans.

“It was suggested that the information in this regard, listing the names and contact numbers of traffic personnel deployed, could be posted on the traffic portal of Delhi Police,” according to a statement from the Raj Niwas — L-G’s secretariat.  “The L-G also underlined the importance of similarly posting such details of the beat staff on duty for easy access of the people of the city.”

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