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Despite widespread layoffs, tech jobs remain popular in the US, according to report

Eight of the top ten “best jobs” this year were in the technology sector, demonstrating that demand for tech positions has not decreased even as tech companies continue to layoff employees. Full-stack developers are in high demand for IT jobs, according to data from the job site Indeed. They are followed in favour by data engineers, cloud engineers, senior product managers, and back-end developers.

According to CNBC, who cited the data, over half of the top 25 positions in the US market—or 44 percent—were in the technology sector. Indeed’s annual list features all positions that “pay annual salaries that are above the national average.” At least 10% of roles that are advertised allow for remote or hybrid employment. Tech-skilled workers are in demand in sectors like retail, finance, professional services, travel, government, aerospace, and healthcare.

The report was released when large layoffs were being reported by such companies including Google, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Salesforce, Spotify, and others. After the renowned US tech giant IBM announced it was eliminating approximately 3,900 jobs, the European software giant SAP joined the parade of tech firms laying off employees on Thursday.

In 2023, there will be more substantial layoffs as most business economists anticipate that their organisations would reduce payrolls in the near future. CNN reported that only 12% of economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) believe employment would rise at their companies during the next three months, “down from 22% this fall.”

For the first time since the early stages of the Covid pandemic, more business executives foresee job losses at their companies. Julia Coronado, president of NABE, said the data show “widespread concern about entering a recession this year.”

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