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Digital Leap for Cooperative Sector as Central Registrar Embraces Technology for Ease of Doing Business

A significant digital transformation is underway in the cooperative sector, as the Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies (CRCS) office in Pune prepares to launch its digital portal. Scheduled to be inaugurated by Union Minister for Home and Cooperation, Amit Shah, the portal aims to promote ease of doing business in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Sahkar se Samridhi’. This initiative by the Ministry of Cooperation marks a major step in strengthening the cooperative movement across the country.

The objectives of computerizing the CRCS office are multifaceted, including paperless applications and processing, automatic compliance with the Multi State Co-operative Societies Act (MSCS Act) and Rules through software, and enhanced ease of doing business. The new portal will facilitate transparent processing, improved analytics through MIS (Management Information Systems), and efficient communication.

The platform will encompass various modules such as registration, amendment of bye-laws, annual return filing, audits, inspections, inquiries, arbitrations, elections, and more. It will also incorporate the latest amendments to the MSCS Act, 2002, streamlining the entire process through electronic workflows. User registration will be OTP-based, ensuring compliance checks, and video conferencing for hearings will be available. The project aims to register new MSCS entities efficiently, fostering a seamless functioning process.

With over 1,550 multi-state cooperative societies registered in the country, the CRCS plays a crucial role in administering the MSCS Act, 2002. The digital transformation will ease activities related to multi-state cooperatives and establish a robust digital ecosystem, while also encouraging youth participation through a ‘hackathon’ competition. The ministry has actively sought feedback from National Cooperative Societies and Multi-State Cooperative Societies to enhance the new portal and create a more inclusive and tech-driven cooperative sector.

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