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DMK is on the way to give a professional touch to temple appointments

-By ArdorComm News Network

According to its electoral promise, to appoint aspirants belonging from all castes as temple priests, the DMK government on Saturday appointed 24 trained ‘archakas’, belonging to various communities as priests in the shrine. The appointment orders were handed over by chief minister M K Stalin, the orders were of the Hindu religious charitable Endowments Department for 75 personals making appointments to 208 positions in various segments.

The appointments also include 24 aspirants who completed their training in the state-run center for becominga priest in Hindu temples with 34 others as well, who had completed their training in ‘pathshala’ as ‘archaka’.  Also, these 208 appointments include “Bhattacharyas, “Odhuvars” Poojaris, and technical and office assistant. They were all recruited after due process, said the government. 

In this recruitment we can see, Bhttacharyas who are Vaishanaite priests, Odhuvars who are trained in Tamil Devotionalhymns composed by Shaivite saints which also include Appar and Manikavasagar in praise lord of shiva.


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