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Dr. Gajendra Singh, Vice President, ICRI Group, Delhi on the shift in mode of education during pandemic

Digital education has a future in coming years says Dr. Gajendra Singh, Vice President, ICRI Group, Delhi in an interview with Pratik Ghosh, ArdorComm Media Group.
During the pandemic there has been a huge shift in the mode of teaching and learning, what’s your take on this?
Based on my experience, I’m pretty much clear that in coming 10 years’ time you will see digital education is moving ahead, though we are habitual of these normal learning methods but now corona has taught us a lot, that we are going to move into digital era. We are adapting those technologies and of course this digital education has a future in coming years.
What according to you are the difference which the students face in online education compared to the physical mode of education?
When we are trying to learn in physical environment specially when it comes to practical sessions, those are more interactive. People have more learning environment but when we are talking of digital environment now there are so many ed-tech companies which are coming up and trying to bring such platforms which brings easy environment. Though it will take time because we are still learning, still we are doing practices and still we are yet to learn from this platform. I strongly believe that traditional training was wonderful but gradually you will see that students will be habitual of online platforms and it will save their money, time and it will bring more effectiveness.

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