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Dr. Ganesh Rao, Director, Pune Business School emphasized on the benefits of Non-tech start-ups

“Ed-tech is very much welcome and we are looking for some wonderful support” said Dr. Ganesh Rao, Director, Pune Business School at ArdorComm New Normal- Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023” held in Pune, Maharashtra on 24th November 2023.

Any Ed-tech initiative that you have implemented in your organization and how it helped the teacher and the students?

We have LMS in place so that’s one of the initiatives that we are having and it has become more important after the pandemic. Also, it has created a system of education, everything was at the discretion of the faculty now everything can be monitored very closely by the head of the institution. Similarly in admissions, Ed-tech is very much welcome and we are looking for some wonderful support on that because in admissions we are trying to reach a larger audience and our trust has started a very good University called the Pimpri-Chinchwad University with an ambition to serve thousands of students so definitely this kind of Ed-tech can help us reach a larger audience in the shortest span of time and more effectively

Any initiative that you took for the corporate engagement?

As far as corporate engagement is concerned we have started a master class series. This master class series is the series of corporate executives talking about emerging areas and the jobs of the future. So, we got this corporate executive, and when they talk the students listen. Even in PGDM courses, we have our academic faculty but more importantly days we are laying a lot of stress on corporate faculties or corporate professors, and a number of these people come from time to time and teach master classes. We have it on YouTube, it’s a way to reach a larger audience and we will very much encourage and appreciate the collaboration with your company in which we can take this master class forward to a larger audience in which you can give information about the emerging area or on a neutral perform.

Are there any programs for entrepreneurship at your campus?

We have tied up with an entrepreneur network now. This network comprises about 1500 entrepreneurs and they visit from time to time and conduct events. Now these events comprise only the start-ups. Now, start-ups are not only about technology, the non-tech start-ups are also very important because we are a country of 140 crores population, where 100 crore are in not-so-urban areas. We have to come into development so it’s not just tech-entrepreneurship it’s important we need basic industries and basic services so we need to encourage this kind of entrepreneurs rather than making it fashionable to stock off tech-start-ups. Non-tech start-ups are also very important. This entrepreneur network is encouraging this type of start-ups because every time we can’t be like the Westerns facing changing Angel investors even in our community, for example in Rajasthan or Gujarat everybody’s pooling into money. We need not follow one hundred percent of the model What west is saying is if you search internally you get everything in place you need to have confidence in them and propagate these values further.

We are celebrating our second anniversary this year, any message you wish to share?

Fantastic event today I saw a great gathering of people all-star of education and also a lot of companies who are displaying their products now I would request everybody to pay some attention to these wonderful young people who have made a lot of effort in developing these products now they may see all similar but they are unique in their ways and I would request that someday we need to get started with this earlier the better that we start with this companies and collaborate with them because in this way we can be more efficient and use the technology more efficiently I also find these people quite intelligent because started by their generation have better connect I’m sure that this would go in a long way and helping strengthening and develop the education fraternity of our country

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