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Dr. Harshita Sharma
Dr. Harshita Sharma

Dr. Harshita Sharma, Founder & Director, Brainstorm International, Pune shares her experience of the summit

-By Chandan Anand, Group Editor, ArdorComm Media

“I think for each one of us as educators it’s important that they come in live forums like this and interact, share their insight and share it with the whole world because it’s all about learning from each other,” says Dr. Harshita Sharma, Founder & Director, Brainstorm International, Pune in an interview with Chandan Anand, CEO & Group Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2022’ #ELSAJaipur #ELSARajasthan

You have been witnessing this event since morning, what is your experience and an outcome of the endeavour?

I think first of all I should thank Chandan ji and the entire ArdorComm team for connecting so many educators which is very important, because its educators coming from different domains and then sharing their knowledge which is very important. Since morning it has been a really brainstorming sessions, so that is one thing and a lot to take away from all the sessions all the panellists in each session which is fabulous the way the things are organized and managed and the delivery. I think it was just amazing so kudos to the entire team and yes lot of takeaways since morning with the new NEP implementation I think there has been a lot of discussions going on all around how to do it where to start, what need to bring in change and everybody coming with their life experiences, the school sharing their best practices I think that was amazing. How much and how more like in the tech part now the technology would be enabled in the school I think that’s again a thought process which is going on and how do we bring in that balanced approach, how do we make sure that the NEP in the true sense in the real world it can be implemented because right now it’s all in the paper and that can be done if you have such events where everybody brainstorm together and everybody shares their best practice and see that how we can learn from each other because that’s one angle which would be the only way forward. I think for each one of us as educators it’s important that they come in live forums like this and interact, share their insight and share it with the whole world because it’s all about learning from each other, it is all about experiential learning, it’s all about inquiry based, it’s all about the new normal and the new normal will never happen and it’s enacting, if we come together and brainstorm at this.

What according to you does new normal stands for?

The new normal actually stands from where I begin my journey. So, the new normal would be again for whom it is a new normal, for me, is it for children, is it for parents, for whom? So, being into the education fraternity I think the children become the center and everything falls around with the children. So, if we keep that center always and we revolve around I think we can bring in that change unless and until we do that otherwise I’m doing something, a teacher is doing something but they’re all doing. So, the new normal everything comes with advantages disadvantages so if you even have the technology, how much little or how much more that the balance has to come. Similarly, in the foundational literacy skills also so when you’re talking about the balanced approach which is very important the language and literacy communication. So, when we’re talking about effective communicators also where and how that is something which is very important and that has to be bringing from the best pedagogies. It should be how we do it and how simple we can make it there.

What should be the outcome of this event, when we see the edtech players are also here the academicians are here even the government fraternity is there, what should be the benefit from this entire amalgamation?

So, instead of blaming, justifying and complaining, I think each one of us if we take 100 percent responsibility of what I can do for my organization that would be like adding value to the nation. Where we are looking ahead at the bigger picture which is there so it starts with me and how can I do even if I can do just say maybe 10 percent, I think that adds, every drop in the ocean matters.

I would be glad to share that ArdorComm Media Group has recently completed its one and a half years and we’ve celebrated our anniversary recently, any message or advice would you like to share or give to ArdorComm Media Group?

Every challenge is a new opportunity and I think actually every day we learn new things so that’s the message I would give that as a team I think you’re doing a wonderful job, connecting educators because that is where we are talking about shaping the future of children. I think you’re doing a wonderful job and stay blessed and wish you all the best and just amazing to be here and I know, I have seen you for so many years, the kind of work what you’re doing, it comes from heart and not from mind.


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