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Dr. Indranil Bose, Vice President-Academics & Head of the Department, Adamas University, Emphasises on Skill-based Education

“As part of NEP, we are focusing on skill-based education, we are focusing on the core components of education, we are focusing on minor subjects,” says Dr. Indranil Bose, Vice President-Academics & Head of the Department, Adamas University in an Interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSANewDelhi #ELSAGurugram

How did you experience witnessing the New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Award in Delhi?

It’s fine, so many people from different backgrounds, they came and they spoke about their different experiences. I shared my experience here; it had my current workplace and my previous workplaces also. So, it was nice, I mean, I met a lot of old friends also here, so they are working in different universities and institutions. So overall, it’s fine.

As the theme of our event is “India Vision 2030”. So, according to you, what should be the vision for the education sector going down the line?

It’s something which is a little bit of a point of debate and discussion always. Yes, the new education policy has been declared, and many of the states have planned to implement this, including my state where I’m currently staying in West Bengal. So definitely, we are focusing on a few things like skill enhancement to improve the employability of the students, not only from my discipline, Management, but from all other disciplines as well, like liberal arts and other places, also basic applied sciences and other things. So definitely, there is an important component. Somebody was speaking from Amity here; I heard that human values and all things are there. Yes, even values, ethics, Indian culture, Indian value systems, all these things are very important. Many of those components are now made compulsory as per the new education policy. So many universities are doing it. India has many traditional universities and education institutions. Like, I’m telling the name of a few, like Ramakrishna Mission and other places. They’ve always made it mandatory for students to study all these things as part of the curriculum. Now, many new universities have come up, like Sri Sri University and other universities, who are offering these kinds of programs along with the regular programs. So, we are doing it. Definitely, combining skill-based education plus value-based education, most of these things are very important. So, definitely, more and more things will be going in the right direction.

What’s your take on skill development, and how is Adamas University emphasizing on this?

In Adamas University, we are redesigning our curriculum as per the NEP, because I am part of that particular team, I know it very well. So, as part of NEP, we are focusing on skill-based education, we are focusing on the core components of education, we are focusing on minor subjects. Based on that, they’re definitely focusing on that. And apart from that, we have a Career Development Center. They actually work for placement and other supports, and our students are working in different companies. And definitely, future places of employment will require new kinds of skills because technology is changing, workplace environment is changing, workplace requirements are changing. So, definitely, new things will be added to our curriculum. Already, in the Management department where I am working, we are changing our curriculum to a great extent. So, definitely, something positive will be happening.

Any message for ArdorComm Media Group on its 2nd anniversary?

This kind of program will be brought into the horizon. I have attended this kind of workshops, or this kind of forums, or panel discussions earlier in India and outside India as well. Technology in education is the future. We may like it or not, whatever, I like it very much because it enhances individual, student-specific education is possible. We can expand the reach of education. I worked with foreign universities earlier. So, we had students from different countries, and it was possible only because of technology. So, I taught students from almost 40 countries. They were from different continents. So, without technology, we could not do it but this is actually possible now. So, definitely, in this particular domain, many companies are coming. Your company is also coming. When you are doing this kind of events and activities, surely something good will be waiting for us.

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