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Dr. Irfan Mustaqim
Dr. Irfan Mustaqim

Dr. Irfan Mustaqim, Principal, Tarbiyah Cambridge International School Shares Insights on Adapting to Technology in Education

“It was a huge challenge for us to start an English medium school with moral values at that location,” says Dr. Irfan Mustaqim, Principal, Tarbiyah Cambridge International School in an interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSAChennai #ELSATamilNadu

How are you feeling to witness this new normal education Leadership Summit on Awards in Chennai?

Yeah, it’s been a great experience for me and for many other educators as well. The panel is discussing new things and putting forward new ideas. We have learned many things today. It’s been a fantastic experience.

Tell us something about your institution and how it is adapting to technology?

We started this institution in 2014 in a rural place in West Bengal, about 350 kilometres away from Kolkata. It was a huge challenge for us to start an English medium school with moral values at that location. Initially, we struggled a lot to make the parents understand the system of modern education. Now things are going a little bit easier, but post-COVID, we are facing different issues, such as students being addicted to technology.

This issue is being addressed by the panellists very well, but what we need to focus more on is how to handle these kids who have been addicted to technology. We seriously need to work on this. Parents are asking us not to send homework on their WhatsApp because they will get the phone and spend time on the device. We need to address how to recover from this.

School level, at a ground level, we need to take care of this. We need to address this particular issue. That is what we are facing.

As you can see, in this kind of forum where we bring in the education leaders, EdTech companies, as well as the government, how does this kind of forum benefit the education sector?

This is New India, digital India, what I believe. If I talk about five years down the line before or before covid, there was a system that we used to search YouTube and we get materials but this was not very common, now it has been very common. So, things are very accessible on the social medias.  These kinds of platforms will definitely help educators, academicians, and the coming generation seeking jobs. This is a need of power actually.

As a media start-up, we began in 2021, and in a few months, we will be completing two years of our existence. Any message for ArdorComm Media Group?

You have to come up and support the digital India mission of our nation because we have to serve the nation in the interest of the nation. This is a need of hour actually because you have to come up as media centres and support the educators and all the sectors possible so that we can grow together. As we say if we stand together, we’ll grow; otherwise, we’ll fall together.

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