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Dr. Malini Dutta, Principal, BGS National Public School, Emphasizes on Karnataka as an Education Hub

“The dynamic and ever-changing mindset of the people in Karnataka makes it an ideal environment for innovation and technological advancements,” says Dr. Malini Dutta, Principal, BGS National Public School, in an interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSABengaluru #ELSAKarnataka

How are you feeling to witness the New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Awards in Bengaluru?

It is an excellent opportunity. When we see these leaders coming together, thanks to platforms like this, it brings together knowledge, thought processes, and the drive to create innovative changes in our schools and campuses. It’s not just about sharing knowledge; it’s also about the amalgamation of knowledge, experience, and competency. This synergy is a boost for us to move forward. Thank you for organizing such events, and thanks to ArdorComm Media for making it happen.

As you know, the theme of our event is New Normal Karnataka. What’s your take on this?

There is no doubt that Karnataka serves as a hub for education and learning. It’s worth noting that Karnataka was among the first states to adopt the National Education Policy (NEP). Setting aside political agendas, the focus should be on how education policies, coupled with new technologies, innovations, and creativity, can positively impact our children. This impact should extend beyond academics to encompass co-scholastic fields.

Karnataka stands at the forefront of educational innovation, largely due to its association with Silicon Valley and the influx of talent and companies from abroad. Notable organizations like De Facto, Aids London, and others have set up operations here, offering recognition and certifications to our students. These certifications, recognized by the government of the United Kingdom, provide our students with a competitive edge. Certificates that hold such value often become key factors in securing scholarships.

Karnataka is a preferred destination for innovative organizations and digital technology-based companies. They recognize the state’s potential because of its diverse population and cosmopolitan cities where technology is readily embraced. The dynamic and ever-changing mindset of the people in Karnataka makes it an ideal environment for innovation and technological advancements. So, I think Karnataka is rocking and it will rock in the future as well

How are you implementing technology in your school?

Technology is integrated into every aspect of our school, from assemblies to classes and skill development. We have one of the highest numbers of technology implementations in our school in Bangalore. We have an Atal Tinkering Lab, and our students have been winning national-level projects for the past six to seven years. We have technology in design thinking, CD Labs, computer education, and even in issuing books through our ERP system. The content library allows students to access practice materials and clear doubts from the comfort of their homes.

ArdorComm Media has recently completed two years of its existence, any message for us?

Many congratulations! I hope and can see that you are exceeding your own expectations. I have a suggestion: create a separate segment where you exclusively promote schools and students. Highlight the marvellous achievements, innovations, and contributions of students. This encouragement and acknowledgment from media can boost the morale, enthusiasm, and energy of students. Media plays a pivotal role in our democracy, and it should extend its support to students and schools. I look forward to seeing ArdorComm Media more involved in the student and school segments.

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