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Dr. Niyati Chitkara, Director-Schools, Chitkara International School, on the Digital transformation of Schools

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CIS has been adopting various digital platforms, as a result of which even during the disconcerting pandemic situation, the school was able to provide unhindered education to its students says Dr. Niyati Chitkara, Director-Schools, Chitkara International School in an interview with ArdorComm News Network (ANN).

What are the steps your school is taking to complement NEP 2020?

Chitkara International School has instituted a functional system that is in line with the New Education Policy. In light of foregoing, for Secondary Stage, the school’s unique curriculum necessitates the amalgamation of co-curricular, technology with academics and for Middle Stage, multi-disciplinary education remains central. Further, a special emphasis is given towards imparting interaction based learning (to grades 3-5) and experiential learning (to pre-school to Grade 2) respectively complimenting the Preparatory Stage and Foundational Stage of NEP.

Following a reversed integrated learning model i.e. University to Kindergarten & reverse Gamut of Education (PhD to Playway) and incorporating Theme-based Classrooms, Knowledge Walkways, Vocational Clubs, Green Windows, Career Walls, Fact Windows, Value Windows etc., CIS aims at making students Industry 4.0 ready. Various NEP2020 and SDGs orientation sessions are also conducted by school to acquaint the stakeholders with this policy and goals respectively. The school mechanisms also effectively ensure the constructive integration of Teacher Education, Student Education and Hybrid Education (a point strongly highlighted by the NEP 2020) through Chitkara University’s unique B.Ed Programme.

How can educational institutions leverage Edtech tools to create more personalized learning experiences?

Stretching from curriculum to infrastructure to Edtech tools, all the means should be merged towards the attainment of the unified aspiration of providing every student with individualized learning environment where the students learn at self pace and attain mastery in learning. In line with the same, CIS pays due heed to personalized learning and uses host of Edtech tools like Online Time table for ever student for home learning programme, Customizable App, Goal graph, Performance Planner, 24/7 Redressal System for Parents, Chitkara’s e- Teachware, BOOKtique App (a virtual reading space with range of exciting books to cater students), Padlet (an interactive learning tool that provides real-time collaborative platform to students to upload/ share content), Mentimeter (a tool that allows teachers to get real-time input through Live Polls, Quizzes, Word Clouds, Q&As and much more), Kahoot (a game-based learning platform, where “Kahoots” are the user-generated multiple-choice quizzes), Digital Behavioural Track, Career Trajectory, D etc.

What are the benefits of digital media during online classes?

Digital Media is an important part of education as at CIS we believe that the students should engage with the tools of their generation to collaborate, communicate and be the fabricators of technology and information. Since inception, CIS has been adopting various digital platforms, as a result of which even during the disconcerting pandemic situation, the school was able to provide unhindered education to its students. The school’s nervous system, SchoolPad enables the parents to watch their child develop social and academic skills day by day and know how well their child is being nurtured and inspired during online classes. For providing constant support and motivation, the outstanding achievements of the students, during the online classes are highlighted on the school’s social media handles under “Chitkara Gems” &“Moment of the Day”. Moreover, the school also conducts academic lessons, co-curricular activities, health sessions, counselling sessions, notebook checking sessions, celebratory events and squad lessons, utilising digital media.

What strategic EdTech/ Industry/ Global partnerships have you led this year?

Staying mindful of the need of instilling technology, research, professional and scientific skills in students, Chitkara International School leveraged its technological, industrial and international connect by organising various enlightening online events such as Coding Sessions (for Coding Skills), Skill-Building Boot Camp (for Soft/Professional Skills), Socialising Across Culture sessions with Italy and Australia, Educational & Industry Visits such as virtual visit to Korea’s Maruti Showroom, Diamond Challenge (for Entrepreneurial Skills) and Change-the-Game Sessions (for Industrial and Research Skills) for its students on the digital platform. While the Diamond Challenge enabled students to refine and exhibit their entrepreneurial skills via creativity and research, the Change-the-Game Sessions apprised them of latest Career trends. Further, the school also collaborated with Microsoft for the smooth conduction of online classes on Teams.

What are the long-term objectives that you have planned for your school?

The long-term objective of Chitkara International School is in line with its vision & mission statements and quality objectives. These all unanimously stand on providing quality skill-based education to Generation-Alpha and Generation-Z that is underpinned with innovative assessment framework, resourceful infrastructure, assuring learning and growth prospects, efficacious online communication system, hygienic learning environment, strong university, industry and global connect, thereby promising the inculcation of core employability and life skills. The school further aims at being a contributor to building a skilful society by promoting research, innovation and entrepreneurship in collaboration with industry, research laboratories and academic institutions of global repute. With the cumulative effect of an elaborate in-campus academic infrastructure; strong national and international collaborations; we further wish to open a chain of schools in furtherance of our vision and mission of imparting quality education and nurturing environment that enables every student to achieve his/her very best.

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