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Dr. Rajnikant Rajhans, Dean, R&D, NICMAR University, Emphasizes on Correlation of AI and NEP

“AI is reducing the time for our faculty members, it was never a threat for us” says Dr. Rajnikant Rajhans, Dean, R&D, NICMAR University in an interview at “ArdorComm New Normal- Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023” held in Pune, Maharashtra on 24th November 2023.

How is NEP going to be transformational in aligning the upcoming labour force with market requirements at NICMAR University?

NICMAR, as an industry-focused institution in construction, real estate, and infrastructure, emphasizes providing skilled labour to meet industry needs. The National Education Policy (NEP) has been instrumental in shaping our objective of outcome-based education, contributing significantly to building a skilled labour force. The focus has always been on delivering the best labour force and management to the industry, and the NEP, with its outcome-based education approach, further strengthens our ability to achieve this goal.

What are the current projects that NICMAR is working on?

NICMAR’s current projects are anchored in the CEB Model – Community, Environment, and Business Based research model. Our commitment to addressing community issues and offering solutions enhances the quality of our research projects. Engaging in sustainable projects with local and industrial partners, we work towards providing researched solutions and research papers. This aligns with our implementation of outcome-based education, ensuring a practical and impactful approach to our research endeavours.

How is NEP and AI correlating at NICMAR University?

The correlation between the National Education Policy (NEP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at NICMAR University is viewed positively. Today, we had an insightful presentation on the impact of AI on various aspects, including education and industries. AI, far from being a threat, is seen as a tool that enhances the efficiency of our faculty members. It has significantly reduced the time required for certain tasks, benefiting our educational ecosystem. The integration of AI into our organization is a gradual and deliberate process, aimed at improving our educational processes and overall efficiency.

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