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Dr. Ramesh S
Dr. Ramesh S

Dr. Ramesh S, Principal, Jerusalem College of Engineering, Emphasizes the Role of Education-Industry Collaboration

-By ArdorComm Media Bureau

“This kind of forum helps in bridging the gap between education and industry through digital technologies,” says Dr. Ramesh S, Principal, Jerusalem College of Engineering in an interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSAChennai #ELSATamilNadu

How are you feeling to witness The New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Awards in Chennai?

Yeah, actually, The New Normal Education Policy is required nowadays. Once the government announced a new normal education policy, it needs to be implemented in all institutions, right? So, we are seeing a lot of education continuing until the end. And some institutions are discounting their education for students from a disadvantaged background. This new normal is totally useful. I am feeling good about it. ArdorComm has conducted a good leadership education program here in Chennai, and that will be more useful to convert into educational institutions. That will be fruitful, in my opinion. It’s a great initiative.

Could you highlight about your institution?

Yeah, my institution is Jerusalem College of Engineering, located in the heart of the city near Velachery. Our institution is 28 years old and offers computer science specializations and business applications courses. We are an autonomous institution, so we have the autonomy to create the syllabus and conduct examinations. We have a wonderful faculty background, which is an advantage for us. It’s easily approachable in the city through corporation transport, so students can reach us without any assistance. That’s a specialty of our institution.

In this kind of forum, we bring together education leaders, tech players, and the government. How does this kind of forum benefit the education sector at large?

In this forum, we connect educationists and industrialists, as well as the digital education and industry players. Through digital platforms, we can effectively connect the education and industry sectors. In this forum, educationists can meet industry personnel and discuss what is required in the education sector. At the same time, industry professionals can share what is available in their industry. This kind of forum helps in bridging the gap between education and industry through digital technologies. Frequent meetings like this are required to align with the National Education Policy.

ArdorComm Media Group is a media start-up. We started in 2021 and are close to completing two years. What’s your message to ArdorComm Media Group?

My message to ArdorComm Media Group is that the collaboration between educationists and industries is crucial. By connecting these two entities, important people, they are playing their roles effectively. I believe that ArdorComm Media Group is continuously improving and bringing together industry professionals and education stakeholders, which will ultimately benefit both sectors.

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