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Dr. Sami Ulla, CEO of Manipal Group of Schools, Shares Insights on the Future of Education at New Normal Leadership Summit

“We are completely technology-enabled. We have hybrid and blended teaching and learning techniques,” says Dr. Sami Ulla, CEO of Manipal Group of Schools, in an interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSABengaluru #ELSAKarnataka

How are you feeling to witness the New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Awards in Bengaluru?

Oh, it’s amazing. I’m attending for the first time, but it’s organized well. Beautiful atmosphere, and I think the entire industry fraternity, both from K-12 and higher education, we could get to see here. It was very thought-provoking sessions, and we get to know and learn many things from this. I’m really very grateful to ArdorComm Media for organizing this and having me here. Thank you so much.

As you know, the theme of our event is “New Normal Karnataka.” What’s your take on this?

See, luckily for us, Bangalore is a very IT-savvy city compared to all other cities in the country, and a large number of educational institutions have implemented technology. But again, as we had the session, the rural areas are pretty missed out for this implementation, either be the end-user devices, network, or the content. So, they are pretty left behind. I wish Karnataka, as a state, takes up this, and the country as such also. Technology is the future, and our students have to be digitally competent to face the future.

How are you implementing these new age technologies in your institution?

We are completely technology-enabled. We have hybrid and blended teaching and learning techniques. Much of the activities happen in the school, and the remedial part, the regular assessments, and the external engagement happen outside the campus. So, we have made sure that we use all the tools, either Google-sponsored tools or Apple or Microsoft. We have implemented the best tools of these companies.

ArdorComm Media Group has recently completed two years of its existence, any message or wishes for us?

Wonderful! Congratulations for coming into this space. I think it’s a win-win situation for the education industry and perhaps for the Media as such. I congratulate and wish you all the luck and keep having such programs where educationists can come and learn many things from these kinds of events. Thanks for organizing this.

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