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Dr Sandeep Pachpande, Chairman, ASM Group of Institutes emphasizes on leveraging the technology for the betterment of education

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“I think this is the best time for us to rethink, reimagine and reboot the education system,” says Dr Sandeep Pachpande, Chairman, ASM Group of Institutes in an interview with Chandan Anand, Founding Editor, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘ArdorComm – Higher Education and Edtech Conclave & Awards 2022’ #HEETPune

Under your leadership how ASM group of Institution is growing and what is the vision forward for next five years?

What we at ASM looked at and even I am is that I’m a completely optimist person, I believe every crisis gives an opportunity and that is how we have looked at the crisis as such. A full focus is on use of technology and partnerships with ed-tech companies and industry to develop courses which can increase the employability of the students.

Since morning we have been talking about phygital, we are talking about setting up of digital university, multidisciplinary approach, in that robust conditions how have you managed to balance the teaching and learning process in your institutions?

See what covid has done is that it gave us a very good option to change our pedagogy and leverage the technology to give students a right blend of a kind of education which will help them not only to learn the knowledge but also understand and, in the future, implement them in the companies which they will go and work for. So, I think the leveraging of these opportunities is what is required and I think this is the best time for us to rethink, reimagine and reboot the education system.

Forums like this where we have the blend of academia, the corporate, startups and even a support of the government how does this kind of gathering helps the overall community to grow?

So, one of the best things I liked about this event is that it is a mix of all the stakeholders of education and that is what is important. You know I could see not only the owners but directors and some teachers plus ed tech companies and people from the government itself here. And as Chandan you said in one of your talks in the panel it’s very necessary to get everyone on one page so I think that’s what events like this are very useful and I’m sure that you’ll become the catalyst of getting all these people together on one platform.

Any message for the students who will be just facing the physical world of the schools and colleges again?

I think everyone’s looking forward to the physical mode of education and they should remember that we’re not going to go back to the 100 percent normal again. So, they should leverage both the online and the physical together in the next coming days.

Any message would you like to give to ArdorComm Media?

Keep on doing the good work and please make sure that you include all the stakeholders in your programs make sure that you do this at a regular level and it doesn’t stay with just the people who attend it make sure that it reaches the policy makers as well as the people who did not attend this.


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