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Dr. Sanjay Singh, Dean – School of Engineering and Technology, explains how they are implementing Technology in Education

“I urge to other people also that tell your students now to become multi-disciplinary and simultaneously skilled,” says Dr. Sanjay Singh, Dean – School of Engineering and Technology in an interview with Pratik Ghosh, Content Writer, ArdorComm Media Group at the ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2023’ #ELSAChennai #ELSATamilNadu

How are you feeling to witness The New Normal Education Leadership Summit and Awards in Chennai?

It’s simply great. When the invitation came to me, I wasn’t sure what they were going to do. But later on, I came to know that ArdorComm Media Group informed me that they are going to have a panel of discussions with distinguished speakers, including many eminent speakers from government agencies, private companies, and even motivational speakers. I immediately accepted the invitation. To my surprise, I saw how digitalization is taking place more and more in the education sector. Digitalization has become an important part for educationists like me. It’s amazing to see the progress made in the field.

How are you implementing technology in your institution?

We have a learning management system in place. Additionally, as computer science is booming, we have incorporated computer science into various disciplines. We teach our students how computer science can be applied in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, and more. We focus on developing a multi-disciplinary approach and encourage students to explore different fields. Automation has also been integrated into various aspects. So, we emphasize the development of a multi-disciplinary mindset and skills.

As you can see in this kind of forums we try to bring in the education leaders, the EdTech players as well as the government. How does this kind of forum benefit the education sector?

This forum brings together various stakeholders in the education sector. It’s not just about students and teachers; it involves everyone, including parents, administrative staff, government representatives, and regulatory bodies. When everyone is involved, decisions can be made collectively, and transformations in education become more effective. That’s why here when I came I got well satisfied and I felt great why because ArdorComm Media has called not only educationalists, they also called government people also, they called our Minister of Education, we heard our Minister of Education of Tamil Nadu simultaneously they called a regional director of TNSDC then they called from NIOS so in this way all the stakeholders are available here. When all the stakeholders are available and If any discussion is taking place certainly the discussion will give a very good outcome, satisfactory outcome. So, everybody’s involvement is necessary in bringing transformation in education. So, it’s a very good time and I am thankful to ArdorComm Media Group who have called me in this particular occasion and like an eminent speaker they have given me opportunity, I am thankful to them. I urge to other people also that tell your students now to become multi-disciplinary and simultaneously skilled. ArdorComm Media Group has brought the word skill and employability, so beyond education, skill and employability. So, compulsorily we also do many of the things in our colleges for development of skills simultaneously we have to see that whether this particular skill will be suitable for this particular employment or not so thanks to you.

ArdorComm Media Group as a media start-up will complete its two years of existence in just two to three months, so what message do you have for ArdorComm Media Group?

I was impressed by Mr. Chandan Anand’s speech where he mentioned that they do not have a physical office and everyone is working from home. This demonstrates how entrepreneurship can thrive even without physical infrastructure. ArdorComm Media Group is doing an excellent job of deeply penetrating digitalization into the education sector and engaging stakeholders. I believe other stakeholders should collaborate with the group to organize similar programs in different locations. I hope that in the future, they can conduct sessions specifically for parents and students, in addition to the ones for speakers from the education industry, government sectors, and private sectors.

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