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Edtech trends that can make the older education system face the music

-By ArdorComm Media Bureau


Education forms the base of any society, nation, and region. Any development and improvement of people and community depend on education. But more than that ensuring quality education is a major task for the whole education system.

Covid-19 pandemic has dragged the whole world online and education too. Today the teaching, assignments, learning, and evaluation all are happening online. A new intuitional network is formed in the education system. This new era has brought several new trends in education with updating technology on a day-to-day basis. 

According to Association for education communication and Technology (AECT), edtech is something that facilitates learning and improves performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. 

As published in Analytics Insight, Google suggests that the Edtech market is expected to cater to around 9.6 million users and has a market share of US $1.96 billion by 2021. Several edtech trends have emerged and are expected to stay in the market for a long. 

  1. Virtual augmented reality: Virtual reality is giving the student a whole new experience of learning. Gone are days when students have to depend on teachers drawing with chalks on boards or using appropriate charts or else a traditional presentation. Now through virtual augmented reality, students are getting an insight into every topic. It is giving students a feel of every detail related to any subject and visualizes learning making it much easier. 
  2. Blockchain technology: The Disrupted Ledger Technology from Blockchain brings a great deal of storing data effortlessly. Gone are days for keeping piles of books, notebooks, and notes. With fluent blockchain technology transfer of data has also become transparent and fast. The whole education material can be saved and surfed online. This will save a lot of time for students as well as teachers. Along with that, it will make the work effective and easily accessible for students as well as teachers.
  3.  Smartphone technology: Gone are the days when the non-affordability of the laptop was a hurdle to get all the technical assistance. The millennial generation has the opportunity to explore the ocean of possibilities with a variety of smartphones and applications. Students can save all their education-related material in one single folder on their phones. Controlling everything they need to study in one small smartphone. It allows a great deal of flexibility and lets students get rid of heavy bags.
  4. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is known as the base of edtech. Artificial intelligence is gaining a lot of importance and can be seen as a prevalent player in a lot of sectors, including education. AI has made it a lot easy to take attendance through its face recognition technology. It is also allowing to invigilate online exams. So that scope of any cheating is minimized and the monitoring of exams can be done without human assistance. This has ensured the quality of online exams and helped in maintaining a decorum examination even online.
  5. Robotics: In many cases where students need extra attention. For example, for a visually impaired student having voice assistance can be very helpful. Robotics can help a normal student too, for learning various topics without teachers’ assistance all the time. Robots learn from humans and humans learn from robots. Thus, in the field of education, the more a robot will learn the more it can help students in learning. Through various artificial intelligence technologies.
  6. Big Data: Today data is said to be the new oil. The one who has it can change the game. In the case of education as well. The right kind of data at the right time can create wonders for making the education process fluent and easy. Not just for students but also teachers. 


A lot of education technology have made their way to comfort zone of the education system. Today’s generation doesn’t miss the essence of the old education system. Because the new edtech trends are letting them explore endless possibilities. There are still a lot of new trends yet to approach the edtech community. With that, we are yet to see how fluent and easily accessible education is going to become in coming future.

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