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Government Calls Special Parliament Session, Sept 18-22, Agendas Awaited

The Central Government has summoned a “special session of Parliament” scheduled to run from September 18 to 22, with five sittings in total, as confirmed by Union Minister Pralhad Joshi on a social media platform. Joshi expressed optimism for productive discussions and debates during this session, known as the 13th Session of the 17th Lok Sabha and the 261st Session of the Rajya Sabha, during what he referred to as the “Amrit Kaal.”

The government has not yet disclosed specific agendas for this session, although some reports speculate that it might involve the transition from the old Parliament building to the new one. It’s possible that this session could commence in the old building and conclude in the new facility. Additionally, discussions about a roadmap for the nation’s next 25 years are anticipated during the session.

Notably, the inauguration of the new Parliament building took place while there was significant unrest due to the wrestlers’ agitation. In a previous Monsoon session of Parliament held between July 20 and August 11, tensions ran high between the ruling coalition and the opposition, primarily due to the issue of ethnic violence in Manipur. During that session, a vote of no confidence against the Modi government was introduced by I.N.D.I.A but was easily defeated on the final day, marked by the opposition’s walkout during the Prime Minister’s address.

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