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Government spend on print, TV ads sees significant decline

-By ArdorComm News Network

The government is spending less than half of what it did seven years ago on print and television advertising, according to a response to Parliament from the information and broadcasting ministry on Tuesday. The ministry reported that it spent 424.84 crore and 473.67 crore on print and TV advertising in 2014-15, respectively, and 508.22 crore and 531.60 crore the following year.

In 2016-17, the expenditure on print ads was roughly 468.53 crore and 609.15 crore on TV, which increased to 636.09 crore and 468.92 crore the following year. In 2018-19, it fell to 429.54 crore and 514.28 crore, respectively. In 2019-20, the spending was 295.05 crore and 317.11 crore.

During the years when Covid was looming large, the government spent just approximately 197.49 crore on print ads and 167.98 crore on TV in 2020-21. Last year, it was 179.04 crore and 101.24 crore, respectively. This year, the government has spent 91.96 crore on print advertising and 76.84 crore on television advertising. The Central Bureau of Communication has been responsible for all expenditures.

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