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Govt. of Odisha Joins Hands with UC Berkeley for Emerging Tech and AI Collaboration

The Government of Odisha has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of California, Berkeley, to foster collaboration in various domains. The focus of this partnership includes research, impact assessment of schemes, entrepreneurship, and exchange of academic publications. Both entities will work together on research projects, as well as organize joint conferences and workshops.

A significant aspect of this collaboration is the emphasis on conducting joint training workshops in cutting-edge fields, aiming to train around 1,000 researchers. The key areas of focus within emerging technologies such as AI, ML, and generative AI will have a transformative impact on public service delivery mechanisms within the governance system.

Through this MoU, the Government of Odisha will have the opportunity to leverage UC Berkeley’s alumni network for further collaboration on various initiatives. The initial phase of cooperation will involve the launch of pilot projects in crucial sectors like Disaster Management and Climate Control, Healthcare, Fintech, and Agriculture.

Tusharkanti Behera, Minister of State for E & IT, Sports & YS, and Home in Odisha, expressed his optimism about the numerous opportunities for cooperation, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and research in the coming year. He believes this partnership will foster goodwill and yield substantial benefits for both societies involved.

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