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Gujarat e-Vidhan Sabha, which will be operational soon, will digitise all assembly operations

The e-Vidhan Sabha project, where MLAs will be able to ask questions online and perform other activities using tablets, would be operational within the next two months, according to Gujarat assembly speaker Shankar Chaudhary on Friday.

To oversee project execution, a 15-member committee with the speaker as its head and members who are MLAs and officers from the relevant departments has been constituted.

Through the e-Vidhan Sabha project, MLAs will be able to use tablets to submit questions, present issues from their various areas, and even upload data. The state government’s e-file system would be linked to the MLAs’ uploaded data, according to Chaudhary.

The system would be operational by the next session of the Gujarat assembly, the speaker continued, adding that the process of updating the data is virtually complete and all other project modalities will be finished in the next two months. “We will be in a position to implement the project before the next session. It will ensure faster solution of peoples’ problems,” Chaudhary said.

A team has been established to instruct MLAs on how to utilise the e-Vidhan Sabha module, he continued. These individuals, according to him, “will visit all constituencies, meet with MLAs, and train them in using all the features that will be made available under the project.”

One meeting with representatives of the state government’s department of science and technology has already taken place, according to Chaudhary, and a second one is set for next week.

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