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Haryana Expands Cashless Health Facility Scheme for Government Employees

Haryana government has officially extended its cashless health facility scheme to encompass all regular government employees in the state. Governor Bandaru Dattatraya and Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar ceremoniously distributed Ayushman cards to a section of government employees during the cashless health facility program held on Monday.

Originally launched on a pilot basis for government employees of the fisheries and horticulture departments, along with their dependents, from November 1, 2023, the cashless health facility scheme has now been broadened to include all regular government employees. A government spokesperson emphasized that all beneficiaries would experience the advantages of the cashless scheme, with listed procedures being entirely cashless, and hospitals receiving claim approvals from a unified platform within a specified timeframe.

The scheme aims to streamline processes, offering more efficient, seamless, hassle-free, and time-bound services to beneficiaries and other stakeholders. It covers six life-threatening emergencies, including cardiac emergencies, cerebral hemorrhage, coma, electric shock, third and fourth stages of cancer, and accidents, alongside all types of indoor treatments and daycare procedures.

Under the scheme, an E-card/CCHF card will be issued to beneficiaries for availing benefits in empanelled hospitals. The beneficiaries can access benefits using a payee code, Aadhaar number, or PPP number. Importantly, the entire expenditure incurred under the scheme will be covered by the state government, providing financial relief to government employees and their dependents.

This expansion marks a concerted effort by the Haryana government to enhance healthcare accessibility for its employees and underscores a commitment to providing prompt and comprehensive medical services through a cashless and efficient system. The Ayushman cards distributed serve as a tangible representation of the state’s dedication to the health and well-being of its workforce.

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