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News on Governance 5 ArdorComm Media Group Haryana Increases Reservation for OBCs in Government Jobs
News on Governance 5 ArdorComm Media Group Haryana Increases Reservation for OBCs in Government Jobs

Haryana Increases Reservation for OBCs in Government Jobs

-By ArdorComm News Network

In a significant move benefiting the Other Backward Classes (OBCs), the Haryana Government has announced an increase in the reservation for OBCs in government jobs and a raise in the upper income limit for the creamy layer to ₹8 lakh per year.

Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini made these announcements on Sunday, marking a notable shift in the state’s approach to social equity and inclusion. The reservation for backward classes has been increased from 15 percent to 27 percent in Group-A and Group-B government posts. This decision aims to provide greater opportunities and representation for OBCs in higher-level government positions.

The term “creamy layer” refers to members of a backward class who are relatively advanced socially, economically, and educationally. By raising the upper income limit for this group, the Haryana Government aims to broaden the eligibility for reservations, ensuring that more individuals from OBCs can benefit from government job opportunities.

Additionally, the government has committed to addressing the backlog of jobs for Backward Classes A and B on a priority basis through a special recruitment campaign. This initiative is expected to expedite the employment process and reduce the unemployment rate among these communities.

In the context of the upcoming Haryana Assembly elections, Chief Minister Saini expressed confidence in his party’s prospects. He highlighted the government’s developmental works and initiatives aimed at providing employment and fostering growth in Haryana. He asserted that the BJP, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and with the support of election in-charges, is poised to win the elections and form the government for a third consecutive term.

Taking a dig at the Congress party and the Hooda family, Saini criticized their approach as dynastic, contrasting it with the BJP’s focus on governance and public welfare. He emphasized the government’s commitment to the interests of the poor, farmers, and women, reiterating that the BJP is a government of the people.

The Haryana Assembly elections will be held later this year, alongside elections in Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Jammu and Kashmir.

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