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ICC Introduces New Changes in T20I: In-match Penalty for Slow Over Rates Included

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Mumbai: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced a change in the T20I game regulations. According to the change, an in-match penalty for slow over-rates will be included, among other changes to the playing conditions for Twenty20 Internationals.

The governing body also introduced an optional drinks interval midway through the innings in bilateral T20 international cricket as part of its freshly updated playing conditions.

The in-match penalties are in addition to the sanctions for slow over-rates outlined in Article 2.22 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel.

“The over rate regulations are captured in clause 13.8 of the playing conditions, which stipulate that a fielding side must be in a position to bowl the first ball of the final over of the innings by the scheduled or rescheduled time for the end of the innings,” the ICC stated.

They added further, “If they are not in such a position, one fewer fielder will be permitted outside of the 30-yard circle for the remaining overs of the innings.”

Source: The article has been published by IndiaToday with a few edits by the ArdorComm News Network Team


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