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Imtiaz Mirza, Sales Manager, Yes Marketing, Gujarat (Distributor- Canon) gave a sneakpeak of the upcoming gadgets from Canon

“Technology is constantly changing, so maybe new software will be introduced from Canon,” said Imtiaz Mirza, Sales Manager, Yes Marketing, Gujarat (Distributor- Canon) at the ArdorComm Media Group hosted ‘New Normal – Education Leadership Summit & Awards 2024’ on 10th February 2024 at Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Give us a little idea about the product present here from Canon?

Thank you very much for organizing this beautiful event, and we are here for the education leadership summit at Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad. Our storage here includes a hello get it for that Canon. We are the main distributor for Canon, and I am from Yes Marketing. I am the sales manager for the Gujarat state. For this educational site, we have very good products from Canon, such as multifunctional products that are suitable for the education sector. These products are very good for the retrieval of organization and for collecting data for student enrollment. Whatever documents are there, you can easily scan and store them. It will also help to edit and stand documents. Thank you very much, and it’s a very beautiful event.

How does technology play a crucial role in the education sector?

Our hardware product, like Canon multifunctional, is required for every educational sector, such as schools, universities, and any common areas. It is useful for making copies, scanning to email, and scanning to store data. With the new technology, everything is going digital, so whatever hard copy you have, you can scan and store it in digital format. You can store it in the cloud, email, or USB to reduce the need for hard copies. This is the basic idea of this new technology, keeping documents in digital format.

Is Canon planning to introduce more software or tools and gadgets in the upcoming years for the education sector?

Technology is constantly changing, so maybe new software will be introduced from Canon. But currently, it is already available, and you can check our products to know all the features. We, at Canon, are very advanced and have advanced models in different colors and black and white.

Ardorcomm Media is celebrating its second anniversary. Any message you wish to share with us?

So, you have put up many kiosks and it is really great. Like this kind of event will give you a complete idea about digital interaction with clients and will give you complete knowledge about your marketing.

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