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India Post Joins Hands with ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ Campaign, To Sell National Flags Through 1.6 Lakh Post Offices

India Post embraces the spirit of patriotism and national pride as it announces its wholehearted support for the Government’s “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign. From August 13 to 15, the India Post’s 1.6 lakh post offices across the country will sell the Indian flag, making it easily accessible to citizens. Whether you prefer to walk into a nearby post office or use the convenient ePostOffice facility, purchasing the tricolor has never been easier.

But the engagement doesn’t stop at flag sales. The Post Office aims to foster a sense of unity and awareness among citizens through a series of Jan Bhagidari events. By connecting people to this significant initiative of New India, they encourage active participation from all corners of the nation.

Taking inspiration from the campaign, citizens are invited to capture their love for the flag by clicking selfies with the national emblem hoisted at their homes and workplaces. These moments of national pride can be shared on social media with designated hashtags, including #IndiaPost4Tiranga, #HarGharTiranga, and #HarDilTiranga.

In the pursuit of instilling a deeper sense of patriotism and honoring the symbol of unity and freedom, India Post’s efforts in supporting “Har Ghar Tiranga” prove instrumental in strengthening the spirit of love and togetherness for the nation.

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